My climate apocalypse journal entry as a Spotify playlist

It's not manifesting; it's just preparing for the worst case scenario

When I think about the potential climate apocalypse, it reminds me just how much human beings are like frogs in a pot of boiling water. If you throw us in a steaming hot kettle, we’ll immediately jump out to save ourselves. And yet, if you put us in cool water that very slowly comes to a boil, we won’t realize it’s heating up until it's too late.

Except, in this case, we are aware that the water is slowly coming to a boil. And while a few of us are trying to build a ladder out of a spatula, others choose not to see the bubbles starting to form. And some of these frogs are so old they think it won’t matter because by the time the water boils they’ll be dead anyway, so what’s the use of building a ladder? They might as well pretend they're in a jacuzzi and have some fun.

Us young frogs though, we may just live to see it boil. A climate apocalypse almost feels inevitable for Gen Z. But for all the anxiety it causes us, what would a climate apocalypse actually look like? Read through the song titles of this Spotify playlist to uncover my hypothetical journal entry, written during the end of days.